Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP) leaders praise Andrew Samalin

Andrew Samalin Wealth, president of the Samalin Wealth, is the immediate Past President of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP). Their April 2016 email newsletter was introduced with its leadership praising Andy Samalin Wealth for his service to ADFP and to the profession.


Here’s an excerpt from Lori Lustberg, Esq., current President:



Association of Divorce Financial Planners praises Andrew Samalin Wealth for serviceAs a newly minted CDFA™, my first-ever conference was the 11th Annual ADFP Conference in Chicago, September 2013.  I was overly (and, I soon realized, needlessly) self-conscious as I quietly and discreetly slipped into a jam-packed room the first morning of the conference.  I was relieved to take a seat in the back of the room and, surrounded by people I had never met, as if on cue, I knocked over my full glass of water.  I began fumbling around for napkins, but the person sitting next to me beat me to the task and graciously wiped up the spill.  I don’t recall what he said, but whatever it was immediately set me at ease.  “A true gentleman,” I thought to myself.  Later that day, the same gentleman stood in front of the room and welcomed us all to the Conference.  I learned that it was ADFP President Andrew Samalin Wealthwho had had the grace and humility to clean up my mess and put me at ease earlier that day.
I have since become active in the ADFP, as editor-in-chief of this newsletter, Board member, and now Secretary, and thus have had the pleasure of interacting with Andy on many occasions.  What I discovered is that my very first impressions of him were spot on.  Andy’s graciousness and humility are two of his defining qualities, in addition to a level of compassion and caring so rarely seen and so very badly needed in today’s world.  Which makes it all the more difficult to see his term as ADFP President come to an end.

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