Midterms and Markets: Four Things You Should Know

Stock performance and midterm elections share a peculiar relationship. As midterm elections approach, markets turn volatile. Staying true to the pattern, the market has witnessed peaks and troughs in the past few weeks. In the short term, midterm elections do impact investor portfolios. Here are the four things investors should know in light of another [...]

Navigating an Inflation Surge: The Series 1 U.S. Savings Bond (I Bond)

Inflation has been top of mind for economists and investor alike and investors, like you, have been asking for investments that satisfy a few goals: higher interest on their investments and a solid degree of safety. One solution is the Series I Savings Bond, or I Bond for short.   Watch this short video to […]

Q4 2022 Samalin Wealth Newsletter

This newsletter edition contains the following articles of interest: Dividends for Income and Total Returns Finding Forgotten Funds Pooled Income Fund: A Charitable Gift that Provides Income to You Paying for College: Pieces of the Funding Puzzle How are 401(k) Plan Participants Investing Their Money? Passive, Active or Both? The Cost of Borrowing     […]

CHIPs and Science Act Aims to Preserve U.S. Technology Edge

The CHIPs and Science Act of 2022, signed into law on August 9, is a bipartisan legislation package that provides more than $50 billion in direct financial assistance for semiconductor companies to increase U.S.-based design, research, and manufacturing capabilities. In addition, the legislation authorizes nearly $170 billion in federal funding over five years for research [...]