Taxes and Divorce

As the divorce process proceeds, you will be presented with options and action items. It is important to consider the tax costs/savings that result from such choices: from splitting financial accounts to claiming child tax credits. A certified divorce financial analyst could preview your options and provide guidance. This article describes some situations which may […]

Finance Focus Video: What is your Risk Profile?

Today’s topic is risk profiling for your portfolio.This is a very personal component of your investment experience. Your risk preferences are likely different than mine, or your neighbors, your colleagues, or your spouse.It’s really like a fingerprint for your investment process. So let’s focus on the three risk components of risk: Risk capacity: can you […]

Finance Focus Video: Real Estate Investment Options

We have a lot of clients with real estate interests and ask which is better-real estate in REIT form, real estate in private equity, or direct real estate ownership. Each has pluses and minuses-direct real estate ownership allows: Different ownership structures, tax flexibility and depreciation and passive activity losses in the year of sale, leverage. […]

Finance Focus Video: The 4% Rule

This video goes out to the pre-retirees – today’s topic is the 4% rule for your retirement assets. What is the 4% rule for distributions from retirement assets? The rule states that once you enter retirement, you can safely withdraw 4% from your retirement accounts and still maintain those accounts throughout a 30-year retirement. From […]

Finance Focus Video: Closed-end Funds vs. ETFs

Today’s topic is “What are closed end funds and how do they differ from ETFs”.   Exchange-traded funds – It’s a security that trades like a stock, in real time on an exchange, generally has passive management, historically meant to track an index, low expense ratio.   They come in a host of flavors in […]