Samalin Wealth Q3 2016 Market Update Webinar – Tuesday 8/2/16 1pm EST

We invite you to join us for a short webinar where we’ll review recent market trends, market strategies, and our outlook for the remainder of 2016.  There will also be a question and answer section.  Of course, our individual conversations are available one-on-one, as always.  The webinar is free and all are welcome to join. […]

The CPA’s Role in QDROs

Even though this article is more pointed towards our CPA friends, we at SDF work with QDROs and accountants, all within the divorce financial planning process. Remember, there are a number of interesting and tax-effective ways to take cash from a retirement plan. This must be done carefully and on a coordinated basis with the […]

Samalin Wealth Recognized for Two 2016 Awards

Samalin Wealth received recognition by Westchester Magazine as a Five Star Wealth Manager for the fourth year straight. They were also awarded a 2016 Financial Advisor RIA Ranking by Financial Advisor Magazine.

5 Ways to get your Ex’s Social Security Benefits

This article and video from CNBC is especially important for divorcees who may have been stay at home parents. During the period that parents have no taxable earnings, they do not earn credits for social security benefits and this reduces their retirement benefits. The good news is that they will qualify to receive 50% of their […]