Divorce and Awards of Stock Options and Restricted Stock to Employees

During your divorce, it is important to understand the ins and outs of employment compensation packages — both your own and your spouse’s. Besides wages, employee compensation may include cash bonuses, stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units. Such awards may be used to reward past performance or to incentivize the employee in the […]

New Advisor Announcement: Ronald Schneider, CFP®

Samalin Wealth is pleased to welcome Ronald Schneider, CFP® to the team. Following a successful career in sales, branch, regional, and national management with hi-tech computer firms, Ron built and sold a software development company before joining the financial services community in 1988. His financial services career began at Merrill Lynch. He later joined Prudential […]

Using a Divorce Financial Planner May Improve Financial Outcomes Post-Divorce

Divorce financial planning considers many factors for analyzing financial outcomes after divorce including income, spending, assets, liabilities and taxes. Especially important for older clients is knowing that they can cover their spending during retirement. This article explains some issues to consider during the divorce process.