High Inflation: How Long Will It Last?

In March 2022, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), the most common measure of inflation, rose at an annual rate of 8.5%, the highest level since December 1981.1 It's not surprising that a Gallup poll at the end of March found that one out of six Americans considers inflation to be the [...]

Q2 2022 Samalin Wealth Newsletter

This newsletter edition contains the following articles of interest: What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean for Your Money? Going Green: A Fast-Growing Corner of the Global Bond Market U.S. Credit-Card Debt Levels Begin to Return to Normal Seasonal Patterns When Two Goals Collide: Balancing College and Retirement Preparations ETFs are Gaining on Mutual Funds: Here’s […]

Market Monthly: April 2022

April saw rising COVID cases in China prompt the shutdown of some of its biggest cities, causing global supply-chain issues. The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to exacerbate pressure on food and energy prices. While first-quarter earnings data was moderately favorable overall, several major companies reported disappointing results. And inflation continued to rise, leading to [...]

Market Monthly: March 2022

Wall Street dealt with several major issues in the first quarter of 2022. Investors had to evaluate the impact of rising inflation, higher interest rates, ongoing coronavirus concerns, and the Russia-Ukraine war. Each of the benchmark indexes listed here lost value by the end of the quarter. However, Treasury yields, the dollar, gold, and crude [...]