Get expert financial advice for your divorce.

Contact us to speak with one of our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts.

Regardless of divorce process—litigation, mediation, or collaborative—we can assist.

Pre-divorce analysis
  • Compile data regarding income, expenses, assets, and liabilities
  • Create a lifestyle analysis
  • Analyze housing options (e.g. divest, reinvest)
  • Prepare statements of net worth
  • Analyze retirement assets
  • Analyze maintenance and child support 
Divorce Settlement Analysis
  • Review after-tax proposed settlements
  • Estimate maintenance needs
  • Analyze long-term cash flows
  • Compare settlement proposals
  • Assess tax impact on all cash flows and events
Post-Divorce Wealth Management
  • Manage your wealth to maintain your financial lifestyle 
  • Administer negotiated asset transfers
  • Confirm settlement assumptions post-divorce
  • Minimize tax exposure and review analysis with your tax professional
  • Consolidate retirement accounts and secure your retirement funds
  • Develop strategies for cross-generational care

Certain services are provided under separate retainers with Samalin Divorce Finance, LLC, an affiliate of Samalin Wealth.

As leaders in the field of divorce finance, we have given presentations for the Association of Divorce Financial Planners, the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts, and the NY Association of Collaborative Professionals, and have led or served on the Boards of many of these groups.


  • My separation agreement would not have worked without Mr. Samalin’s approach and advice - he bridged the gap to getting it done in a workable and tax-efficient way. Due to my positive experience, I have continued to work with Samalin Wealth as both my personal financial advisor, and to manage retirement accounts for my employee’s retirement plan.

    Brian S.

  • I had the opportunity to work with Samalin Wealth in a complex divorce matter. I was very impressed with the work product, expertise, and attention to detail. They were incredibly responsive and available when needed. I highly recommend the Samalin Wealth team.

    Evan S.

  • I have worked with Andrew Samalin for several years as a neutral financial divorce professional in my mediations and in Collaborative Divorces. His work has been excellent, organized, and easy for the clients to comprehend, which is extremely important in making good use of financial data towards settlement.

    Amy D.