Bridge Process

Our proprietary BridgeProcess offer you a suite of wealth-management techniques designed to keep your investment life guided to your precise needs. Each of the five steps of the BridgeProcess is designed with one agenda in mind: the conservative, bias-free management of your wealth amidst the realities of a risk-laden world.

Samalin_Icons_bridge_process Bridge Process



First, we aggregate and integrate all of your assets into the reporting process. You’ll finally have a 360-degree view of all your accounts on one statement, regardless of where they are domiciled. You’ll then gain the insight necessary to manage your investments as a cohesive program, as compared to wading through individual account statements or multiple websites. Our philosophy is that, “what can be measured can be managed.”



This exercise develops an asset allocation model that matches your attitude towards risk and reward. This model can be applied to all your accounts, which allows you to see which of your accounts add or detract from your performance. When used in conjunction with our View360, you’ll now have unparalled investment visibility and insight.



The markets today are risky, but we remove a multitude of risks (and expenses) in our client’s accounts with Dimensional Funds. Dimensional Funds selected Samalin Wealth(and a small percentage of other providers) out of the 225,000 Registered Investment Advisors nationwide. DFA’s funds are not distributed through wirehouses, discount brokerages, or banks; only though institutional channels such as Samalin Wealth These models work directly with the RiskMap process to drive toward your goals according to your needs, not an investment banking agenda.



You change, your goals change, your family changes, the markets change. Our exclusive review process can help you uncover various developments in your financial and personal life that could affect your objectives.


Meaningful goals require meaningful planning and discussion, and a financial plan is not a one-time event. We are trained to cut through the noise and deliver a well thought-out strategy. In conjunction with ProgressReport, we’ll review your portfolio and financial plan along with any changes to your financial situation.