Financial Solutions

Events relating to life and money have significant meaning, both emotionally and financially. No matter what the source of your financial windfall–whether it’s from a well-earned retirement, an inheritance, a divorce or good old-fashioned saving–we understand the uniqueness of the event. Together, let’s handle these events with care.

The Services We Provide

  • Financial planning
  • Income forecasting and management for the retirement years
  • Capital event management
  • Second opinion
  • Advice on multi-generational financial matters

financial planning

Meaningful goals require meaningful discussions, both of which are cornerstones of the Samalin Wealth financial-planning process.  We believe that you deserve to have a clear picture of your finances now, as well as a strategy that provides confidence as you move through various stages of life.

Our step-by-step process gives you the opportunity to:

  • Estimate your retirement income and expenses in order to determine the amount you need to invest to meet your retirement goals
  • Assess your risk tolerance and develop an asset allocation strategy
  • Manage your tax liability by projecting the effect of income taxes and developing a tax-deferral and/or tax-reduction strategy
  • Protect you and your family against financial crisis ensuing from disability or death
  • Ensure your assets are distributed the way you desire
  • Fund estate taxes and minimize their effects where possible



Request a consultation with one of our investment advisors so we can get your financial life headed in the direction you want.

Why a Registered Investment Advisor?

Retirement Income

You’ve worked hard to create your nest egg, and now it’s time to think about making your money work for you—but where to begin?

retirement-picYou deserve well-thought-out recommendations based on solid analysis of your specific financial circumstances. At Samalin Wealth, we provide just that, through retirement income planning and investment management services designed to minimize the stress associated with life’s many uncertainties.


Our overriding goal is to secure, and then grow, your retirement funds for consistent cash flow—taking into consideration the unknowns related to health and longevity risks. We’ll partner with you, and offer skillful guidance, as you move toward this new stage of life. Along the way, all of our recommendations are designed to match your cash flow needs with your balance sheet, while also taking into account your risk preferences.

Here’s how it works:

icon-1You determine how much (or how little) risk you choose to take. We guide the process with you.

icon-2We recommend a forward-looking model based on your choices.

icon-3Our rebalance methodology keeps your goals on track.

After all, it’s your retirement and it’s your capital. You owe it to yourself and your family to take good care of your finances at this important time in your life.

Capital Event Management

You might be expecting a lump sum of capital from an inheritance, divorce, business or equity sale, or personal injury settlement. Our opinion is that you are well served by measuring twice and cutting once for a positive outcome. Often, there is a risk of mishandling capital events—but at Samalin Wealth, we are experienced in helping our clients manage them with newfound financial responsibility.


Here’s how: 


  • Our patent-pending BridgeProcess of wealth management is designed to match your risk tolerance with your investments and keep you on the right financial path
  • We work alongside your attorney and CPA to coordinate potential tax, legal and investment viewpoints
  • Our goal is to help you harvest the potential of your financial windfall
  • We understand the uniqueness of this event. It must be managed with care, especially because the opportunity may not be presented again

Our Team

Capital events have significant meaning, both emotionally and financially. You owe it to yourself to review your options with a well-seasoned team, a process that can serve you well for years to come.

Second Opinion

Perhaps you look at your investment program and wonder if the financial path you chose is the right one.  You’re not alone.  We offer a complimentary second-professional viewpoint and we’ll ask you:


  • Are you taking too much risk?  Perhaps too little?
  • Are the fees you are paying, both disclosed and not disclosed, appropriate?
  • How are you performing compared to your peers?
  • Can you confirm that your goals are well defined and on target?
  • We can discretely and appropriately answer these questions and a myriad of others
  • Let’s confirm that you are on the right path

Second Opinion

Advice on multi-generational
financial matters

We know that your financial interests and concerns may span across the generations of your family and that you require investments and cash flow to meet an array of changing needs (both predictable and unpredictable).


As a parent, you may seek investment tools that will provide effectively for your children, their college tuition, weddings, and more.  Or perhaps you are helping older parents with their own financial matters, or supplementing their funds with yours–for medical care and other necessities.  Our team is experienced in the full scope of these cross-generational financial considerations, and we’ll help you navigate them with confidence and success.