Matrimonial Attorneys Partnerships

Once the divorce agreement is signed, your client will work towards three financial goals. The first is confirming that all that was agreed to in the settlement is under their control. The second is to maintain their financial lifestyle as defined in the settlement. The third is to retain an advisor that is experienced in this process. The Samalin Wealth minimizes the stress, frustration and time that it takes to confirm that the intended financial arrangement becomes a sustainable reality. All on a fee-only, fiduciary basis.

Traditionally, the attorney has found this work to be unfamiliar, time-consuming, and unbillable. Through our professional partnership, you will be compensated for the myriad of details during and well after this transition. This is done on a fully-disclosed, fully-transparent manner under all parties’ signatures, all at no additional cost to our mutual clients. Please review our agreements for all the details. Click the button to get started.