Personal Injury Attorneys Partnerships

After the conclusion of your client’s case, your client will need to engage in the conservative financial management of their hard-won financial proceeds. And you should feel comfortable that your client is in professional hands to honor the importance of that exercise. The Samalin Wealth minimizes the stress, frustration and time it takes to confirm asset transfers, replicate household income and develop a financial plan for lifestyle continuity. More importantly, we can act as their financial educator and advocate for their long-term success.

Traditionally, the attorney has found this work to be unfamiliar, time-consuming, unbillable, not to mention fraught with risk. Through our professional partnership, you will be compensated for the myriad of details during and well after this transition. This is done on a fully-disclosed, fully-transparent manner under all parties’ signatures, all at no additional cost to our mutual client. Please review our agreements for all the details. Click the button to get started.