Bridging Your Retirement Goals
Since 1994

The reality of retirement planning is that the number of working years is decreasing while life spans are increasing. Expert financial guidance can help you to maintain your current standard of living well into the future. Ideally, a retirement plan should:

  • Have clearly defined goals
  • Contemplate future and current risks 
  • Explore gifting choices and other withdrawal needs 
  • Consider lifestyle and financial dynamics for immediate and extended family

Retirement Planning Considerations at Different Stages of Life

How should you navigate your retirement savings strategy as you progress through different stages of life? 

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At Samalin Wealth, we believe in personalized retirement planning that reflects your dreams, finances, and aspirations. Our expert team designs strategies that adapt to life's twists and turns, ensuring your financial security and peace of mind. Let's create a retirement plan that's as unique as you are, guiding you towards the future you envision.


Retirement Planning with Samalin Wealth

The focus is you.

  • Are Your Goals Clear and Adaptive?

    You’ve probably spent some time thinking about what your retirement may look like. Will you travel, sell your business, or start a new one? Should you consider relocating?  We will help you think through your goals and explore the financial options to meet them. 

  • Count the
    Puzzle Pieces

    Retirement income consists of various puzzle pieces that work together. These pieces could include the sale of a business, real estate proceeds, pensions, workplace plans like 401(k) accounts, as well as IRAs, social security, and other tax-advantaged plans. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that your puzzle offers more options than initially thought.

  • Examine the Risk,
    Plan for the Reward

    Retirement portfolios typically have a long-term time horizon. Therefore, it is important to consider factors such as investment risk, inflation risk, and long-term care expenses when planning for your retirement income. Our Monte Carlo analysis can provide valuable insights into estimating these risks, giving you a better understanding of the likelihood of your retirement plan's success.


  • Nurture Your Nest Eggs

    Retirement savings need time to grow and you do not have to put unnecessary stress on yourself to figure it all out. As fiduciaries, we will make sure that the planning process is entirely focused on you—your unique goals, your unique situation. And with our team of experts, you will have access to the latest financial methods and technology to position you for a comfortable and deserving retirement. 

100+ Years of Collective Retirement Planning Expertise at Your Service 

Here's why Samalin Wealth is your expert for retirement planning:


Get a portfolio makeup ideal for your age, risk appetite, and retirement goals. Our fiduciary advisors are skilled in balance sheet management and take a 360-degree view of your finances, focused on your entire financial profile—not just an account or two. 


Our experts bring decades of experience helping clients reach their financial goals. We have completed hundreds of successful retirement plans for successful investors and families just like you. Our diverse credentials add multiple viewpoints for your investments.


Gone are the days of a leather-bound financial plan that sits on the shelf, collecting dust.  It’s not only important to create a plan, but also equally important to deploy and maintain it. Our technology platforms support trading, valuations, and goal updates, all integrated into our ongoing discussions with you. 


Samalin Wealth can help you structure a curated retirement plan that maximizes your income, mitigates risk, and eases your retirement concerns.

Call on us to make your retirement plan better.

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