Why partner with Samalin WealthDivorce Financial?

As a family law or matrimonial attorney, you are heavily involved with your client’s divorce or separation. You may, however, prefer to delegate the financial analysis component to a trained finance professional.

The Samalin Wealth team is ready and able to play a complementary, supporting role to your legal counsel. We can take on any of the following financial tasks related to your client’s divorce or separation:


  • compile, organize, and value assets
  • analyze liabilities
  • estimate immediate needs
  • prepare statements of net worth
  • develop realistic budgets going forward
  • prioritize financial goals
  • estimate future earnings potentials
  • estimate educational costs
  • project retirement needs
  • analyze insurance needs
  • review after-tax proposed settlements
  • analyze long-term cash flow and net worth
  • compare and contrast settlement proposals
  • and much more

When you partner with Samalin Wealth, it benefits you as well as your clients. We will make the process seamless for your client, which gives you peace of mind and allows you to stay focused. Then, when we have a client who seeks legal advice, we will be happy to suggest they partner with you.

When you refer clients to Samalin Wealth, we’ll make you look good. Give us a call today to learn more.
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